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Really Understanding Your
Market Research Clients

Personal connections make or break an agency-client relationship. To build those connections, your people need to understand who their clients really

Paul-Heskins Consulting will teach your team…
Insight Discovery
Idea Generation
Skills Training
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Insight Discovery
Idea Generation
Skills Training
Insight Discovery
Idea Generation
Skills Training
-Skills Training-
What motivates your clients?
What frustrates them?
What can you learn when you really observe someone “in their natural habitat?”
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This engaging and highly interactive program exposes your people to the working lives - and personal lives - of their clients. Your team will learn to be more observant and have the right conversations to get (comfortably) closer to their clients.

Your people will come away understanding who their clients are and how to get to know them better.
When it comes to
understanding others,
we rarely
tax our imaginations.
― Lawrence Hill, Canadian
journalist and novelist
That understanding will lead to the kinds of closer relationships that drive business growth.
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